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Overview: What does a Writer do?

Creative writer’s, novelists, playwrights, and screenwriters, create original works—such as prose, poems, plays, and song lyrics—for publication or performance. Nonfiction writers either propose a topic or are assigned one, often by an editor or publisher. They gather information about the topic through personal observation, library and Internet research, and interviews. The outlook for most writing and editing jobs is expected to be competitive, because many people with writing or journalism training are attracted to the occupation.

Advancement Opportunities: 124% of Average This calculation shows your opportunity for increases in earnings over time. It shows the relative strength of different careers as compared to each other
Average Starting Median income: $60,250
Return on Educational Investment: 98% of Average Shows the relative return on investment of an education beyond high school. The calculation uses potential earning levels over time adjusted for the cost and the time of additional education.
Job Growth: 2/5
Benefits: Yes
All scores range from 1-100. Higher scores are better with the exception of stress.
Bragging rights: 70/100 Based on prestige and social approval, fame and public recognition, high income, highly educated, clean versus “dirty” industry, and level of people you deal with.
Interesting Job: 83/100 Based on exciting subject or environment, variety of activities, fun interaction with people, creating versus completing, and learning interesting things.
Personal Freedom: 95/100 Based on controlling your work, not closely managed, choosing your assignments, tolerable rules and regulations, creative freedom, and setting your own hours.
Stress: 60/100 Based on Intense responsibility (life/death), continuous rejection, dealing with people’s problems, lack of control, quota or sales pressure, and work volume/time pressure.

This is a hypothetical illustration of how long it takes to earn millions of dollars in each job. The calculation is complex, but uses earnings at various points in each career from entry level to mature performer. Individual performance will vary.

Years to make $1,000,000 - 21 Years
Years to make $2,000,000 - 32 Years
Years to make $3,000,000 - 42 Years

Competency Fit: Communication

#1: Communicating ideas: formulate and present ideas

#2: Communicating information: structure information logically

#3: Human relations: ability to work with others

#4: Listening: hearing and interpreting another’s speech

#5: Speaking to groups: dynamic presentation skills

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