Dropping Out? Don’t Even Think About It!

Dropping Out? Don’t Even Think About It!

By Jay Leonardi

Posted on December 11th, 2018 at 12:00 PM

Dropping Out? Don’t Even Think About It

There are many reasons why someone might consider dropping out of high school. You could be tired of school, lack personal drive, or just consider school a waste of time. You might be looking to escape difficult classes and walking out that door seems like the easiest solution of all. Or maybe you have a dream of finding some “fun” way to make a living, such as becoming a pro skateboarder, that doesn’t require having a real job… or an education.

As you consider your future, be aware that many dropouts try to rationalize their decision in some of the following ways. For each of the following rationalizations, we’ll attempt to respond with a dose of reality.

I already know everything I need. That could be true, but without that piece of paper called a diploma, nobody will ever believe you. Unless you’re opening your own business, almost any employer is going to want a paper trail of success. No paper, no success.

I’ll do okay without a diploma. No big deal. Wrong. Very big deal. At any one time, about 50% of high school dropouts are unemployed. They also live in poverty three times as often as high school graduates. Living in poverty doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Well, here’s what it means: no car, no cell phone, no house, no fun. It’s a sad dead-end life of misery.

I need to make money. If you’re motivated to make money… good, stay in school. The U.S. economy is based on knowledge and skills. People pay for what you know and what you can do. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, dropouts average about 50% of what high school graduates make. And high school graduates average about $17,000 less than people with a Bachelor’s degree.

I’m failing out. Go to your school counselor and ask for help. There are programs and people who can help you. Remember that failing out of school leads to failing out of life. If you’re willing to try, there are people willing to help.

I’m in trouble at school. Only you can decide to behave in an acceptable manner. But just remember that they have a name for dropouts who are always in trouble. They’re called inmates. According to the Department of Corrections, the percentage of dropouts in some prison populations is as high as 70 percent.

My family is poor and I need to help out. Excellent. Get a part-time job. But help your family even more by staying in school. A diploma gives you a better chance of getting a job that pays enough to help in the long run. Dropping out will only continue the cycle of poverty.

My friends are dropping out. When people drop out of school they often seek support for their poor decision by convincing their friends to do the same. Have the courage to talk your friends into staying in school. Don’t let them talk you into dropping out.

My teachers don’t respect me. You think your teachers don’t respect you? Wait till you meet your new boss. Dropouts become trapped in a system that treats them with little respect and even less hope. If you want respect, earn it.

I’m pregnant. Almost 50% of single-mother dropouts live below the poverty line. The second-best thing you can do for yourself and your child is to stay in school. The best thing is to not get pregnant in the first place. If you are pregnant, you may be eligible for special classes, programs and accommodations that can keep you in school. Talk to a counselor today about how to protect yourself and your baby by staying in school.

School is boring and worthless. If you think school is boring, wait until you see the type of jobs you can get without a diploma. And unlike high school, which ends in four years, that boring job goes on for the next fifty.

At JobQuiz.com we understand that school is hard. We also understand that dropping out seems like it will solve your problems, but we know better. Dropping out turns temporary problems into permanent ones.

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